Plant with Friends

Why should you consider to become a Plant with friends partner.

The plant with friends partner program gives you the ability to promote your project while showing your community that you have environmental awareness. Together we can make an impact on the world, lets plant more trees then the world can grow.

100 euro

*The amount in euros will be converted into swap tokens, this is what you donate to the stakers and where SafeSwap buy the trees with.

 It is also possible that you buy and hand over the amount in Swap tokens yourself, please contact us for that.

Plant with friends

The new Plant with Friends Program has been introduced to bring more awareness to the SafeSwap Tree Plan. With the SafeSwap Plant with Friends Program every project in the  crypto space can give back to nature.


SafeSwap Tree Plan Tree Plan the Netherlands

Help restore the planet through a Staking Pool

The process is easy, request your own staking pool on SafeSwap, provide us with the tokens that will be rewarded to the staking participants and let us donate a large sum of trees in honor of your project or business. 

Launching a staking pool with SafeSwap is completely free of charge.
Giving back to nature has never been this easy

Request your staking pool now

Fishing Adventure – Plant with Friends Partner

In the journey of creating a more green environment SafeSwap is constantly looking for new partnerships around the world to create a greener environment together. We announce our collaboration with Fishing Adventure in the Netherlands with great pride and strive to plant a large amount of trees, plants and other biological needs.

Learn more about the Tree Plan in the Netherlands

SafeSwap – Planting with Ecologi

We have great trust in Ecologi and ensure that a large portion of our trees are planted directly through their organisation. Ecologi has been around for a long time and are working with many outstanding organisations such as Eden Reforestation Projects.

Over the next few years we aim to plant 1.000.000+ Trees.

Learn more about the Tree Plan with Ecologi

SafeSwap Online Mangrove planting in Madagascar

Learn more about the Plant with Friends Program

Plant Trees for your project

Planting trees for your crypto project can be done via multiple ways with SafeSwap, one of these ways is the Plant with Friends Program.

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