How to Connect to your Wallet on SafeSwap

How to connect your wallet on SafeSwap, this is a simple process. Please follow our guide below to get a better understanding on how to connect with SafeSwap Online,

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What is SafeSwap Online?

SafeSwap is an easy tool swap coins & tokens and provide liquidity to pools to satisfy the power of safe earnings & profits, while that’s a fact, there are more of majority products that gives the ability to stake the prof of shares (LP TOKENS) to even earn and profit more.

how to connect and use

There are two simple ways to connect to and start using it to safely swap and exchange your tokens for other assets available on the SafeSwap platform. In this guide we will explain you how to properly use the SafeSwap protocol and which steps you will have to complete in order to be able to connect and trade on SafeSwap Online.

The first option is to use in the wallets dapp sections and connect to your wallet to start trade your tokens (For example via the Metamask or TrustWallet App on your mobile phone).

The second option is to browse to directly via your web browser and connect your wallet using the wallet connect button and have your wallet extensions setup on your browser.