Identifying with Web3 is the standard of the future.

Learn how you can connect with Web3 and identify yourself through a decentralized platform on a wide variety of global available blockchains. We will guide you through the process of understanding how you can dive deeper in the endless possibilities of Web3.

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Before you get started with Web3

It is extremely important that you understand the basics of Web3 before you are getting started. Your wallet can be seen as your digital fingerprint. When you create one you obtain a secret password called Private Key often in combination with a seed phrase recovery code most likely consisting out of 12 or 24 digits.

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Identify yourself with Web3

Identifying yourself on the blockchain will in most cases go through your own Web3 Wallet Software. This allows you to connect with many platforms and identify yourself via your Web3 fingerprint (Wallet Address). You can compare this how Social Media allows you to connect with external platforms these days.

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Public Web3 Identification Spots

Public Web3 identification spots refer to locations where individuals can use their Web3 wallet and identity to access services or make payments. As the adoption of Web3 and decentralized technologies increases, it is likely that more and more communities will adopt decentralized solutions for various purposes.

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